How do I fix no login page. Goes straight to admin page

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How do I fix no login page. Goes straight to admin page

I'm using the following router firmware on my netgear Night Hawk

DD-WRT v3.0-r27365M (06/18/15) kongac

Everything works well, except no user id or password is needed to get to the DD-WRT admin page

I have the following settings set, but it still does not ask me to log in.  When I go to it takes me straight to the admin page with out logging in. This is not good.  Does anyone have any advise on how to fix this?

Web Access



Auto-Refresh (in seconds)

Enable Info Site

Enable Disable

Info Site Password Protection


Info Site MAC Masking

Enable Disable


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Never mind.  I changed the

Never mind.  I changed the userid and password and it re-prompted me for my new user id and password.

It appears that with the MacOSX safari browser and the saving your userid / password in safari it will automatically sign in when you open the browser.

I tried from a new profile / user / computer and it prompted me for my userid and password.

It works like a single sign on feature.  Interesting.