How to fix a higher throughput?

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How to fix a higher throughput?

Hello folks!

Today I fixed my loadbalancing using pfSense and 6 NIC's (got BBB 100/10).

But I'm not very happy with the throughput =/

Before loadbalancing with a laptop connected via Wi-Fi: 94.50 Mb/s down and 15.83 Mb/s up.

After loadbalancing with the same laptop: ~25 Mb/s down and ~27 Mb/s up.

And when I test with a server connected to the router I get 52.80 Mb/s down and 57.26 Mb/s up.

I'm using the original FW from Netgear, and I'm thinking to get a 5 ports gigabit switch right after the pfSense router, and then connect the WNR3500L to that switch :)

Any solution to speed this one up?