how to unbrick R7000 via telnet?

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how to unbrick R7000 via telnet?

Flashed from kong to tomato having forgot about needing to flash to original first. Now i cannot login to with admin:admin


I read shibby's post:

In dd-wrt password is encrypted and this is why old password does not work after install tomato (or back from dd-wrt to Genie).

Do this:
1) run router and wait 2-3
2) push and hold wifi on/off button for 25 secs - this will enable a "backdoor" access to the router.
3) use putty and connect via telnet on port 233 and log in to router without password
4) run command: nvram get http_password (login`s value: nvram get http_username)
5) use result as password
6) when you log in to tomato remember to erase nvram
7) do other steps from INSTRUCTIONS file.



Maybe i am doing it wrong? I connect via telnet using the router's IP. I changed the port to "233. I turn on the router, hold the wifi on/off button (second from end), try to connect but cant. Connection fails. I can connect if i leave the port to 23 or 22, but it asks for RT login to which i am trying to figure out.

I have working lan, but no broadcasted wifi.

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I managed to log in. Turns

I managed to log in. Turns out you need to really hold the wifi button awhile. And after retrieving the username password i had to use firefox to log in instead of chrome as it would fail to log in maybe because of the length of it all? I copied it over, typed it to no avail until i switched browsers...

lesson learned.

on a second note i notice that shibby doesn't have ac support?? I cant see ac under 5ghz as a selectable option just N and A.

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Good information.

Good information.

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How are you guys connecting

How are you guys connecting R7000 to computer?
WAN or LAN or USB?

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Could I ask if you remember

Could I ask if you remember specifically what admin/password came up whn you did this.

I have same problem - but have tried to used this procedure multiple times. But cannot get this 'backdoor' to open. Som telnet does not connect