I want to Build a Atom Bassed Router

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I want to Build a Atom Bassed Router


I have 3 power hungry computers that are mostly on. One computer is ALWAYS on. My Netgear router is always on as well.

To reduce my power consumption I would like to build a small low wattage computer that is a router, ADSL modem, WiFi router  and hardwired router.

Other tasks for this comuter will be Torrent Server (legal tutorials) file server and web server (just for me on the road)

Things I need to know..

Router Software

Router Car

All advice welcome

If you have any pointesr and advice to help me start this project I would be very greatful.


Thank You..

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You could actually do most of

You could actually do most of this with a standard wireless router e.g. WNR3500L or the more powerful WNDR3700. The only feature that is not available is the included ADSL modem, but the rest is already possible.

If you would base your router upon a Atom CPU you will end up with a power consuming system, since you need to get a wireless client card, adsl modem card etc. this sums up not to think about the price.

The WNR3500L only consumes 4W. It is rather slow as a fileserver using samba you can expect around 5MB/s . The WNDR3700 reaches around 12MB/s.

I once thought about building an embedded router myself, but I decided to rather use a opensource router and customize the firmware to my needs:-)

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Yes you are right about using

Yes you are right about using the Atom processor. The Netgear WNDR3700 looks to be  a fantastic router. I truely think I would have got one if it had an ADSL modem. 

This is really a hobby project for me so I am happy to get a more powerful processor. I will try for a small case but I will need to have room for a

  • router card
  • WiFi card
  • ADSL card

I will continue to investigate my software and hardware options. Any advice on what software and cards will be appreciated.


Thank you...

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The Netgear DGND3700 is the

The Netgear DGND3700 is the WNDR3700 with a ADSL modem built in.


Sound like exactly what you are looking for. Too bad I can't seem to find them available online, except directly from Netgear. You might want to look at the (lower model) DGND3500, There are a couple of stores out there that have them for ~$130.