Ideas for New Firmware / Application Development for WGR614L

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Peter Redmer
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Ideas for New Firmware / Application Development for WGR614L

Hello everyone!

bfritton has shared some ideas about what features or applications that programmers and users would most like to see on the NETGEAR WGR614L router.  I'd like to share those ideas with everyone here.

1.  A per port traffic log, allowing the router admin to log in and view the bandwidth and up/down stream usage by MAC address or even port slot.

2.   Ability to blacklist the MAC address (or remove it from the whitelist if the MAC is being spoofed) of a computer user that enters the incorrect WPA / WEP key after a definable number of times. The ban would be removable though the settings page.

3.  When a new MAC address is recognized by the router, it asks for a admin-definable password. Giving the correct password would add the user’s MAC to the whitelist then redirect to the user’s originally desired page. This helps to skip the admin’s need to add MAC addresses to the white list and instead give out the password to trustees. This allows for another layer of security beyond WPA or WEP as the white list MAC filter would be enabled but also allows for a painless first connection with no hassle on the admin’s end.

We would love to hear ideas from the hackers, programmers, and other open source router enthusiasts out there about what YOU would like to see in a new firmware or application for the WGR614L.

Post your ideas to the Programmer's Corner - and don't forget that you can upload works-in-progress by posting to the Projects section!

We're looking forward to everyone's ideas and projects!


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Here is the things I like

Here is the things I like about DD-WRT. Bridging, VLAN, QOS, UPnP, Dynamic DNS, port forwarding, MAC/IP blocking. Another thing I like is the ability to set access time by MAC/IP. I am not a networking expert but do like a lot of the things DD-WRT does, but I have not been able to get it to run correctly on my Netgear, but have it working on a Linksys.

Just some ideas.