Inbound IP Filtering

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Inbound IP Filtering

I just purchased the R6400 and am a little disappointed that it doesn't support setting inbound IP filters. I want to open a port, but only allow a specific IP address through. Does the DDWRT firmware support this functionality? Before I void my warranty, I wanted to check to make sure it was a limitation with Netgears firmware implementation, and not a limitation of the hardware.



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When forwarding a specific

When forwarding a specific port, yes, DD-WRT for the R6400 allows you to select the WAN IP address of the machine you wish to specifically allow to access in through your router to your machine on your local LAN. This is for setting rules for a specific port.

In the Port Range Forwarding setup, however, you can not set up a WAN IP seclusion. You would then need to create rules, individually, say if you wanted to allow ports 9010 and 9011, if that were your needs.