Initial DD-WRT setup

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Initial DD-WRT setup

I am having trouble with initial setup. I have tried multiple routers. No problem flashing DD-WRT on but I can not get a WAN IP. It remains, and obviously no outside internet conection.

I am currently working with a Netgear WNR200 and installed DD-WRT v24-sp2 (03/25/13) mini

My gateway router is a Linksys EA6400. I have followed a walkthrough from multiple sources to no avail. Gateway router settings are Network Mode : Mixed , Security : Wpa2/Wpa Personal Mixed, Channel Width : Auto, Channel : Auto . It has IPv4 & IPv6 SPI firewall enabled and all sections in VPN passthrough are set to enabled.

I have set up a virtual interface on the DD-WRT side and used the same password with a different SSID. One thing I find unusual is when I go to STATUS and then Wireless and do a site survey I find multiple networks. When I choose "join" it will connect to any of them or so it responds      "succesfully joined the following network as a client: xxxxxxxx  "    It reports it has joined any network I pick even secure networks which I obviously have not given the password for. 

I have tried other routers including WRT54G v1 & v2, multiple 30-30-30 resets all when the instructions said to. I am sure I have missed something but I am not seeing it. I will reset 30-30-30 and start fresh when I have an idea what I have missed 

Any help is greatly apreciated.