Initial Installation Foxel's Firmware

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Initial Installation Foxel's Firmware

Hello Comunity,

I'll get a new Nighthawk R7800 soon and I would like to use Voxel's Firmware with it. Is there any FW-Version to use at first install and/or a special Installation Path as for example with DD WRT or may I simply patch original FW with newest Voxel's Version? And the way back to original FW: Is there anything to keep in mind or just patch back with original FW? Thx for your help.

regards Smitty16 

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Nothing special. You should

Nothing special. You should flash it from IMG file downloading the last from my site. Just from WebGUI of stock fw. Revert back to stock is the same: WebGUI, select stock firmware IMG file. No TFTP, no special IMG to revert back.


"Foxel firmware" - it is funny.


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@Voxel Thankxouverymuch


Thank you very much smiley

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The QoS DB in R7800-V1.0.2

The QoS DB in R7800-V1.0.2.46SF seems to be from 2014/15. I manually updated to the 2016 version from but I wonder if someone knows if the latest NETGEAR database no longer breaks QoS.