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Installation Issue


I am wanting to upgrade my router to run Kong's firmware but I am confused with two of the steps involved.

The first is the factory restoration process.  Some suggest using the "Revert to factory default settings" option from within the router's web gui whereas others suggest downloading the initial firmware directly from the Netgear website and uploading that instead.  Which one is it?

The second issue I am having is determining if Kong's .chk file is the only file I need to upload to perform my upgrade?

This link ( suggests that the software flashing process is very simple, however I am holding my reservations because the instructions within this site (and others as well) are often very conflicting of each other.

Thanks in advance.

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1. Restore to factory default

1. Restore to factory default. Flash initial firmware won't reset it.

2. Use any .chk file for initial flash, then flash with latest .bin file. .

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Latest .bin file from netgear

Latest .bin file from netgear?

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Did you sort this out? Where

Did you sort this out? Where does the bin file come from? Netgear?