IP Assignment Errors and WPS

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IP Assignment Errors and WPS

Hi all, recently my son pressed the WPS button on the front of my router and I can't seem to turn it off (if I remember crrectly, when off it is not lit up). I have tried resetting it twice but the light keeps coming back on (I have ensured no one can press it again). I believe this is causing my primary issue which is the assignment of IP addresses on the wireless lan. Specifically, I have DHCP enabled and the range set to to 150 but any device connected is automatically assigned an IP outside of this (ie. my tablet is assigned which means the device cannot see others on the network or the internet. The only way around this is to set static IP's in each device (reserving IP's in the router fails as well) which is an interim solution but not ideal.

Another example is my laptop which was getting assigned

Any one experience this and find a solution?



WPS Setting

- Disable routers PIN unchecked

- Keep existing wireless setting checked


North America




Up to 145 Mbps

Wireless AP


Broadcast Name


Wireless isolation