Jan 14 Build Kong Mod

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Jan 14 Build Kong Mod

Hey there, recent lurker, first post, came from Asus RT-AC87U.


I flashed the latest build that Kong has in his folder (not the one on the myopenrouter frontpage) I was not able to get my 2.4 network to connect using WPA2 authentication. The router would show a lease to the devices, however the devices wouldn't connect.


Can someone else confirm?

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I am also having same problem

I am also having same problem for not only 2.4 network but also both 5 Ghz networks.

One more thing, once a guest network (for 2.4 as well as 5 Ghz) is added then the primary networks are not getting connected.

Can anybody please help me from here to tell if any special configurations or set up is required for solving this issues.



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using the one from teh home

using the one from teh home page 28600M and it does work for wireless PSK2... I can get an ip address and pass traffic. the only problem I had was it would not let me use 8 characters for the PSK so I mad them 12 and it worked fine.

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I noticed both issues as well

I noticed both issues as well. When I was running the one from the home page I was having internet connectivity issues, like the entire thing was lagged down. Looked at my usage and there was nothing being used. Hopefully we can get this working, I love DDWRT