Just got my router, can't access GUI after Shibby

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Just got my router, can't access GUI after Shibby


This morning I went out to pick up a brand new Nighthawk R7000. I wanted to upgrade to Shibby's initial Tomato release for OPENVPN with PIA.

Here are the exact steps that I did:

-Plugged her in and logged in via wireless. It prompted me for a default username and password (WPA2) that came with the router.

-Once logged in, I got onto the Web GUI and under administrator, I reset to factory defaults (seemed redundant because it was a factory fresh unit but I just did it anyway).

-I set my static IP to, and my Subnet Mask to

-After the router reset, I log back onto the router, into the web GUI and update the firmware to this version: tomato-R7000-RT-AC6x--118-initial-64K.chk

-The UI says upload successful, I wait a while and the router seems to fully reset. I try to connect wirelessly again and I see the 2 following networks: NETGEAR71 & NETGEAR715G

-I attempt to connect to NETGEAR71 but the connection times out.

-I attempt to connect to NETGEAR715G but it also times out.

-I connect an ethernet cable directly to my computer. My computer self assigns an IP through this ethernet connection which means the router has not assigned me one.

-I try to connect to, doesn't load.

-I set ETHERNET static ip to, and Subnet Mask of

-I try to connect to, pinging it times out with no response

-I try doing a 30-30-30 reset, and the same as above, wifi times out, ethernet doesn't work either.

Please note I am running on a mac, but I can still use windows utilitities as I am running parallels desktop as well.

Any idea what could have happened?!




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See if any of this can help
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That's a very helpful link

That's a very helpful link and it looks like I will be going down that route.

I just find this very strange. I was careful not to install DD-WRT first (like all the other brickers did) and wanted to install Shibby direct from the factory loaded Genie but it didn't quite work out.

Does it have something to do with the WPA2 password? Should I have removed all password protection first before continuing?

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There is always some risk

There is always some risk involved and it is crucial after the flash to let the router boot and come back on it's own. It easily takes 3-5 minutes for it to completely relaunch, if interrupted, it can mess things up. Good luck!