Kong build: samba/ProFTP custom configuration

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Kong build: samba/ProFTP custom configuration



I currently using Kong's r20780 build for my WNR3500L v1.

There it is possible to enter a custom configuration for samba file sharing.

If I upgrade to a higher Kong build there is no more possibility to enter a custom configuration.

Got this option removed or do I miss something?


Because I have some special shares with sub folder they are not possible with the normal configuration I will need this custom configuration.


Is there also a chance to get a custom configuration field for ProFTP?

I have some special commands like "AllowStoreRestart" to enable append/resume of a ftp upload. Like now I stop proftp, delete the conf file and create a new one, and restart proftp on every restart of the router.

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Hi, your suggestions are all

Hi, your suggestions are all good ideas, right now I am using Proftpd by using OPKG.  I am not using the built-in proftpd that comes with the builds.  If you setup OPKG and then install proftpd along with it you will then be able to configure all the settings you want.