KONG DD-WRT Web GUI Crash after "udhcpc" command

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KONG DD-WRT Web GUI Crash after "udhcpc" command

Hi all,

I'm running the latest build of Kong, and have successfully managed to connect to Sky Fibre.

However in order to do this I enter the following command in the WebGUI command shell;


killall udhcpc

udhcpc -i eth0 -p /var/run/udhcpc.pid -s /tmp/udhcpc -x 0x3d:3132333435363738393130313140736b7964736c7c3839613132333435 &


and in doing so it causes the Web GUI to stop working

I get the "processing...  please wait message" and the internet connection is made, but the browser gets stuck on this page.

I cannot seem to log-in to the router unless I restart it (power button on the back)

I can execute other commands successfully from the WebGUI without it crashing, so maybe it's something wrong specifically with my udhcpc command??


It's a pain because I was hoping to add the udhcpc to my startup script, so if the iinternet connection goes down I could simply switch the router off/on, but am worried it will cause an issue with logging in to WebGUI after starting the router (and I would have no other way of logging in)

Help appreciated

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Just to update, altough the

Just to update, altough the command crashes WebGUI when run from the command shell, it is fine when run at startup.


I just needed to remove the final & from the end