Kong Mod USB/FTP/SAMBA/MINIDLNA build 15000 available

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Yeah mounting the external

Yeah mounting the external network drive should work better, but the tools for it are missing due to fw size.

I have to check why NTFS seems to cause problems, may this can be fixed.

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Kong said:

Kong said:

The WNDR3700 has a faster CPU and provides much better read/write speeds to usb media, but since I don't have this unit I don't provide any special build for it that includes minidlna etc. The WNR3500L is capable of doing all the things you mentioned, but due to firmware size limitation a torrent client is not included, it has to be installed on an external media using ipkg.

Thanks Kong, i know nothing about ipkg, so will google it and see what comes up.

In your opinion, given my requirements, which do you think would be the better choice ?

From what I have read, the 3700 allows media to be streamed to a xbox 360 without the need for modification. The only bit I can't get around is the bit torrent part.

Will do some more reading up and see what I can find.

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated !


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Anyone have any issues with

Anyone have any issues with WDS and this load?

I've had problems with wireless connectivity while using WDS between two WNR3500L routers. Certain machines (Windows of course)either won't connect (failed to acquire IP), connect but don't have internet access, or connect and randomly disconnect or stop transmitting http data (ping works, dns works, just won't pull webpages).

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Is there any possibility of

Is there any possibility of getting dhcpv6 included in future builds.
The radvd works for the IP but does not supply the DNS and most clients do not support RDNSS.

Thank you