LACP(802.3ad) on R9000 with DD-WRT

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LACP(802.3ad) on R9000 with DD-WRT

i have QNP TS-453A with LACP supported.

The LACP works fine with Netgear stock firmware on LAN Port1 and PORT2.


I whould like to use DD-WRT for R9000.

BUT, i have no idea how to setup LACP on DD-WRT.

I can not find any useful infomations on this and failed on .

So I flashback to stock formware again and again.


Can someone tell me how to setup LACP on DD-WRT?

I would be very grateful foe your help.

Thanks .



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I am trying to do the same

I am trying to do the same with my QNAP NAS.  LACP works fine with the stock firmware BUT what I REALLY need to accomplish is getting hostnames resolved with DNS from DD-WRT.  I am unable to see ANY hostnames from devices attached on my LAN.  I CAN access them via IP Address but I SHOULD be able to access and SEE them in Windows File Explorer on the Network tab.  This makes mapping my drives a real PITA!


Thanks for any heads up on making this work.

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Link Aggregation is not

Link Aggregation is not supported in DD-WRT. If you had your QNAP NAS configured with port trunking prior to flashing DD-WRT on R9000, you won't be able to access it. To fix that, remove one cable and then hard reset the NAS (use pin to hit the reset button on the back for 3 seconds). That should reset all network settings and make your NAS discoverable again using QFinder. I know this because it happened to me and I was able to resolve my issue this way. I am not using Link Aggregation on the NAS anymore.