Latest DD-WRT build for WNR3500L v1

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Latest DD-WRT build for WNR3500L v1

My 3500L v1 was on some old 2010-ish build of DD-WRT, so I decided that an update to the latest available build was way overdue.

I've search around a bit and the latest availble build on this website seem to be this kong mod from 04/13/2014.

However looking around I have noticed that kong's website has a build that's more recent (this one from 12/27/2014) but it's in CHK format and I can't flash that one on dd-wrt directly. 

Does anyone know if there's a more recent build somewhere? If there's not, where can I find this build in BIN format? Or, alternatively, is there a way to update from dd-wrt with a CHK file?

Thank you in advance.