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I just purcased a WGR614L from amazon, and cannot wait for it to arrive. It's great that there's an open source router out there that encourages people to hack and tinker with their hardware.

I do have one concern, however. Everywhere I look I see the words "open source", yet I cannot find any information about the license. Obviously some parts already have a F/OSS license attached (e.g., Linux is GPL'd). But what about the rest of the software?

I wish is was made clear what license the source for the router is distributed under. Without defining a license, any work that anyone does is potentially jeopardized.

So what is it? GPL? MIT? BSD? WTFPL?  Beerware?


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All the firmwarss released in

All the firmwarss released in this site comes under GPL. So you can freely download and install those firmwares. We are also free to modify, redistribute the code.
Good luck..