Limit Wireless bandwidth on WNR2000v3?

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Limit Wireless bandwidth on WNR2000v3?

Hey guys, I was curious if any of these FW's have the option to limit wireless bandwidth.


Long story short, my newish roommate is killing my already bad rural DSL connection with her skype calls to her boyfriend. It's not just an hour here or there, it's whenever she isn't at work (she works ~20 hrs/week) shes video skyping with him. I understand her side, or like to think I do. I was hoping that one of these Firmwares would help me limit her wireless connectivity. 

So far I have tried the following in netgear firmware:

Set wireless speed to 56kbps - Didn't seem to affect much

Set QoS and put her as lowest priority and the connected devices to high/highest priority - Seemed to help a little but still spikes pretty badly at times.


To clarify, I don't want to kill her skyping, just want to slow it down a bit. Any help is appreciated. I'm decent with computers, but far from network admin haha.