linksys wrt54gs slow wi-fi

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linksys wrt54gs slow wi-fi

I have a linksys wrt54gs v7 which supports up to 54mbps. I was getting wifi speeds up to 18mbps (and no higher than that)which is acceptable for this router via wifi but I wanted to increase its speed so i decided to flash it with dd-wrt firmware made for linksys wrt54gs v7. Thinking that my speed will increase based on the reviews i was reading i did the upgrade, and now i am sorry because no matter what settings i change or "twick" i can not get more than 10mbps. "CULD HAVE HAD A V8" before i upgraded :). So now im asking if anyone familiar with dd-wrt interface can help me fix my speed or im going to have to factory re-set my router and flash it back to the original set.
any coments or suggestions culd help, thanks.