Local DNS on Voxel firmware

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Local DNS on Voxel firmware

Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum as I'm new to Netgear routers...


I'm currently using WR1043ND router with DDWRT and I'm going to replace it wiht Netgear R7800...

I have installed Voxel firmware on my new Netgear router and missing one important thing which is local DNS (to be able to ping machines by name) 

It is very usefull for me as have about 20+ different devices attached to network and in case some new deivec I will have to update each /etc/hosts file...


Could not find any instructions or details how to utilize already named devices (from Attached Devices) for dnsmasq so question to you guys.

Does anyone have configured (can be done from SSH level, not need GUI) local DNS to utilize "attached devices" for this?


I kno wI can utilize dnsmasq.conf to put all those details but in case attaching new device I would like this to be automatically added to local DNS (like I have this configured on DDWRT)