Looking For Info on Port Forwarding w/ OpenVPN Client

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Looking For Info on Port Forwarding w/ OpenVPN Client

Hi guys!

I've flashed DD-WRT onto my R7000 and have Private Internet Access set up with the OpenVPN client

Can anybody point me to a decent guide on setting up IPTABLES so that I can do a couple of port forwards?

Right now, I've got my network split between two routers, the R7000 connected to another one, which is connected to the Internet.

I'm using a static route and a WINS server to handle communication between devices on the two subnets.

That is working, but I'd like to have everything behind the VPN and then connect to the services I need using port forwarding.

I am new to DD-WRT, but I'm an experienced software engineer and can figure things out if I have a good reference or starting point.

After Googling a few dozen times, I'm thinking that I am not using the correct terminology or don't understand a key concept. 

Any advice or comments will be greatly appreciated (sarcasm is welcome).


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Doug - I just purchased an

Doug - I just purchased an R7000 as well. I've managed to get DD-WRT on it, but I've yet to have any success installing other packages via ipkg. Have you?

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I haven't even tried. My

I haven't even tried. My current setup is working for me flawlessly, so I haven't wanted to experiment.