migrate configuration from 3500L to 7000 on tomato

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migrate configuration from 3500L to 7000 on tomato



I have a 3500L which has been rock solid running tomato for a couple of years.  I have decided to upgrade to the R7000 (for better wireless coverage and speed) and was wondering if I could transfer my configuration settings to the new router.  Honestly the only thing I really want to transfer is my static IP table as its pretty extensive.  


Also, which of the firmware flavors is the most stable?  This is a pretty basic install.  I'm using it mostly for streaming from a dedicated NAS (readynas pro) to multiple XBMC boxes and a Sonos system throughout the house, but I also several home automation devices in the house that need wireless and or wired internet such as Thermostat, light controller, phone, security etc and stability is important for these things (it sucks not being able to turn off the lights)


I'm not using VPN, don't do gaming and only use minimal QoS rules for my phone