mnt vs. jffs vs. opt

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mnt vs. jffs vs. opt

At first I want to say sorry for my little stupid question :-). Maybe this question is answered in this forum but I didnt find it.

Secondly I would like to ask what is different between "mnt", "jffs" and "opt" in Services - USB - Disk Mount Point. Is there any different when use NAS from router in Windows?

Please don't answer me that it possible to found on forum or that it easy to use Google - I tried it and still don't know what is different....

Thank you ...

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/jffs is used if you use

/jffs is used if you use JFFS2 filesystem on top of the volumes filesystem, for example you have a device that has an ext3 partition. For flash drives such a filesystem is not optimal, I don't want to explain why, there is lots of info out there. So you may want to create JFFS filesytem structure on top of it basically a virtual filesystem which is optimal for flash drives.

/opt is used for optware packages, if you have mounted a partition to opt, optware packages can be installed there, dd-wrt for example will lookout for init scripts in /opt/...

/mnt is rather general

If you only use the mount point for NAS functionality you can use any mountpoint, if you use a flash drive you should use /jffs and enable JFFS2 + enable Clean JFFS once in order to create the JFFS structure

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It is exactly explanation

It is exactly explanation what I needed.

Thank you