Multi VPN on WNR3500L (PPTP and OpenVPN)

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Multi VPN on WNR3500L (PPTP and OpenVPN)


I am a happy newcomer in the "my open router" world. I bought a NetGear WNR3500L router and set it up to be a network gateway, with VPN support. I installed the last stable build (v24) of DD-WRT.

I was able to set up a PPTP VPN with my Windows XP PC on 3G.

Then, I installed the OpenVPN build, and successfully configured the OpenVPN service with my Windows XP PC (with the proper certificates).

The only last thing I am missing is to be able to have both VPN at the same time.

I am using the OpenVPN now but the previous PPTP VPN does not work anymore.

Please tell me if it the last DD-WRT builds do not allow to have concurrent VPNs on the same router !

Thank you