Netgear 6250

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Netgear 6250

Hello, I just flashed the Kong Mod k3 on my netgear 6250 and works great but the only thing is i cant seen to get the netgear light to kick back on. Is there a way to have that light kick back on?

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same here  the netgear logo

same here  the netgear logo dont light up and the internet connect light aswell 

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I asked Kong that very

I asked Kong that very question back in April 2016.  His reply was....

Hi Mastec,

I know the lights are not working, unfortunately I did the port
without a router and I know it is not possible to control them via gpio
commands, in such a case there is a problem with gpio init which we can
fix if we have the hardware in order to test a few register hacks.

Hope that answers your question.