netgear r6300 v2

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netgear r6300 v2

Hey Guys

You probably been ask this question a thousand times but can somebody pls explain how to install the chk file downloaded from here on my router netgear 6300v2 or am i missing a additional software ? . ive accessed my router ,clicked on upgrade firmware, selected file but then loads for 2 secs and disconnects. should it not be a bin file ? Been on DD-WRT web page which does not listed as a compatable device .If someone will be kind enough to send me a IDIOTS guide step by step i will be forever grateful.




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You flash it just like a

You flash it just like a netgear update. If the chk does not work, redownload it.
Also make sure you cleared your browser cache prior to flashing and flash from a wired computer.

Tay Wee Wen
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I would need help on how to

I would need help on how to control Netgear R6300V2 BCM4360.

wl -i eth1 down
wl -i eth1 mpc 0
wl -i eth1 country ALL
wl -i eth1 mimo_bw_cap 1
wl -i eth1 phy_watchdog 0
wl -i eth1 frameburst 1
wl -i eth1 ampdu 1
wl -i eth1 bi 65535
wl -i eth1 interference 0
wl -i eth1 glacial_timer 9999
wl -i eth1 slow_timer 9999
wl -i eth1 fast_timer 9999
wl -i eth1 radio on
wl -i eth1 up
wl -i eth1 band b
wl -i eth1 mimo_txbw 2
wl -i eth1 chanspec 1/20
wl -i eth1 2g_rate -h 7 -g
wl -i eth4 txpwr1 -o -d 22
wl -i eth4 txcore -s 1 -c 0x01
wl -i eth1 ap 0
wl -i eth1 disassoc
wl -i eth1 phy_forcecal 1
wl -i eth1 pkteng_start 20:22:22:22:22:02 tx 100 1024 0

The above wl command does not seems to work. I am using DD-WRT K3 for NETGEAR R6300v2 WiFi Router Kong build 23720 firmware.

Also is there any way to access telnet on Netgear firmware?