Netgear R6900 DD-WRT Firmware Mod

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Netgear R6900 DD-WRT Firmware Mod

Is there any open source DD-WRT firmware available for the

Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Model R6900 [CostCo] Router?

I'm wondering if its identical hardware to the R7000?


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I have a same question

I have a same question

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Same here

Same here

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Saame here

Same here

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Has anyone found anything yet

Has anyone found anything yet?  I have tried R7000 firmware but to no avail.

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Have any of you tried the

Have any of you tried the R6700 version?

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@bvilchez do you mean to say

@bvilchez do you mean to say that you have attempted to load the R7000 firmware available here to your R6900 router but have been unsuccessful?  


Like everyone else on this thread, I'd love to see someone "in the know" clarify for us whether we can expect DD_WRT to function properly on the R6900.

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Same here

Same here

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Ok...did some searching and

Ok...did some searching and was able to get the R7000 firware running on R6900.

I had to setup a linux PC (actually a VM) in order to get this done.  I used CentOS 6.9 as the distro (live so I had a desktop and web browser).  This was connected to the R6900 via a LAN port.

I had to install gcc, git and telnet.  I did this as the root user using:

yum install gcc

yum install telnet

yum install git

Then I followed the instrctions in the below link under the bold section:

For newer Netgear routers that accept probe packet over UDP (EX2700, R6700, R7000, and R7500)

I was then able to run  the ./telnetenable command using the instructions here:

After telneting and resetting the hardware id, I was able to reboot using the nvram command and then flash via the web portal with WRT firmware noted in the post.

Check out r390 post.