Netgear R7000 DD-WRT kongac 24680 - paired with Intel AC7260 slow LAN transfer rate

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Netgear R7000 DD-WRT kongac 24680 - paired with Intel AC7260 slow LAN transfer rate

I've had Netgear R7000 with Kong's DD-WRT 24680M for a week now paired with Intel AC 7260 and i must say it's been a headache to make this pair to work flawlessly. 

With that said even now, i'm still experiencing a sub par LAN transfer rate, with 866.7 Mbps and 144 Mbps link rates on the Intel Centrino 6250, i can only muster 12 MBps between laptops(one with Intel AC 7260 and the other one is Intel Centrino 6250 - which amazingly perform WAY better than AC7260 - long story but i had to revert to driver ver 16.8 to make Intel AC 7260 working as it should be, otherwise my ping to the router would net me around 97ms on average) 

Does anyone experience the same thing?

all these experiments was tested on 5Ghz, i dont really care about 2.4Ghz since the reason i bought this router was to enjoy the huge selection of channels that 5Ghz provides. 

Here's my setup 



AC only

channel 161


upper upper 

enabled broadcast

enabled implicit beamforming(since explicit beamforming was actually made the transfer slower)

Network configuration bridged

Txpower set to -1 (AUTO) - in my case this is better than playing around with Txpower 

Qos and IpV6 disabled


Nothing special here, i just made sure that :

WMM enabled, 

bluetooth disabled

roaming aggressiveness - medium

tx power - highest

power save mode off

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I just installed an Netgear

I just installed an Netgear R8000 and AC7260s in two laptops.

I had more severe problems than you with this connection. I could get wireless connectivity just fine but nothing else would work because of problems with communication to the router's DNS server. Everything pretty much died at that point.

I am using the Intel 17.0.6 drivers and found that if I change two of the Advanced settings for the Intel driver, everything started working perfectly.

The two things I changed were:

Roaming Agressiveness: Medium-low
U-APSD support: disabled

Since everything is working for me now, I don't have the nerve right now to try this approach with the 17.2.x drivers but maybe I'll give them a shot when I have a day or two to waste.

Hope these suggestions help you somewhat.