Netgear r7000 tomato firmware

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Netgear r7000 tomato firmware

hello i am not tech savy at all. I've had netgear night hawc for quite some time with dd wrt on it but the options as well as their forum tend to irritate me so ive installed tomato ..

the issue i'm having has to do with xbox 360 and p2p games like battle field call of duty  etc 

i have 60 Mb down 5  Mb up connection with 15 ms ping to near by servers on the original firmware i was always four bars now consistantly on the stock tomato firmware i am three bar never 4 never 2 just 3... ive tried enabling upnp idk maybe i'm doing something wrong from start up... and is it possible to get on the internet without having to type in you modem route ip under basic network.. any help would be very appreciated 

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If you have not already I

If you have not already I would suggest you check out the Tomato forum on This is where the devs hang out. Doing a search there may give you a fix.

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Just an FYI, Battlefield isn

Just an FYI, Battlefield isn't a p2p game. Granted I play on PS3 and now PS4, but they've always been dedicated servers.