NETGEAR R8000 Nighthawk (Rev 29627) 5GHZ WEP only?

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NETGEAR R8000 Nighthawk (Rev 29627) 5GHZ WEP only?



i just flashed to the current June Rev and nomatter which security Setting i chose on the two 5ghz Bands it only uses WEP :/

Tryed reflash, same issue.

Any ideas?



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Same issue here;soft reset

Same issue here;soft reset did fix it;however,cannot connect to 2.4 GHz...on Channel 1,6 or 11,no matter !

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Same issues here i just

Same issues here i just posted on the other section not realising people are experiening the same issue

guess il be downgrading.


I was using Dec Firmware.


Anyone had issues with OpenVPN issues on DEC firmware?

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Iv gone back to the old

Iv gone back to the old firmware

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Dec Firmware - ExpressVPN

Dec Firmware - ExpressVPN OpenVPN configuration did not work for me.

With Jun firmware - ExpressVPN configuration did work - like a charm. However, speed is quite slow both on wired and wireless (much higher if directly installed on the laptop).

I finally got the Jun firmware working after doing 'erase nvram' and 'reboot' after the flash. All radios working fine. Earlier the 5 GHz radios were always off and I even if I renamed them, it sitll showed up as ddwrt on wifi networks.