new Dnsmasq vulnerability - looking for patch & advice

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new Dnsmasq vulnerability - looking for patch & advice


The vulnerability has been patched:

I use Dnsmasq extensively on my R8000.  I've observered some anomolies in recent days, things like HTTPS not working on high-security sites (like banking), my guess is they're cert-pining and my SSL certificate chain-of-trust is invalid.  This wasn't happening a few weeks ago, so something's amiss.  Could be hacked or (??)

Should I go back to OEM firmware until Kong rolls patch into FW update?

I guess what I'm asking is how long can we expect it to take to get patched firmware.  Will it be days, weeks, or months?

Not bagging on Kong, dd-wrt, etc!  You guys are doing excellent work!  Just need advice on what to do here.

Thanks & props to the devs...


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I have an R7800 on which I have been running Kong's builds.  I noticed the same article today and am anxious to install an updated build of DD-WRT.  Thank you Kong and other devs for your past and future work on DD-WRT!