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New User!

I have recently purchased the R7000 router to replace my current I have Verizon FIOS router G1100.


1.  Since I do not have the router in use now in order to upgrade the firmware to Tomato or DD-WRT do I have to connect the router to my network?  

Do I disconnect my verizon router or just use one of the 4 ethernet ports on the verizon router?  

2.  Can I update the firmware from my laptop without an internet connection?

3.  All the guides I am finding are from 2014 is there an updated step by step guide for firmware install?

4.  I am looking for the exact files I need to download is there a zip file with all the files for the firmware upgrade?



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When installing Tamato by

When installing Tamato by shibby I got 2 files to install after the inital file:


Am I suppoed to install both of these files and does it matter which one is installed first if both are required?
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welcome, hopefully you find

welcome, hopefully you find what you are looking for, I can't find anything useful and I am not able to list my 411 to my profile or see anybody else's 411..ugh.

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All you need is connect the

All you need is connect the R7000 to a computer you use to update the firmware. You do not need net connection to upgrade to Tomato

For the R7000, you need to first flash the initial file. After that if successful, you need to flash the full firmware, which is the file with AIO or VPN in its name. AIO means All In One and comes with all features of Tomato including the kitchen sink. VPN is a slimmed down version that focuses a lot on VPN. For general use, you need AIO only

you can get all that's needed for the R7000 from my mirror, see link in my signature