New version DD-WRT for R7000?

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New version DD-WRT for R7000?


I've aquired new Netgear R7000, and I would like to install dd-wrt. I've found the working version is Also I've found another post with a recent user comment  talking about a newer version from 22-May-2015.

Does anyone tested it? Is it safe?

Please leave your comments. Thanks

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The is Kong's build of DD-WRT for the R7000. In my opinion Kong's is the only one to use as he has tested on a R7000 where as the other folks, such as Brainslayer, do a mass compile and do not test on each router. Use Kong's and you cannot go wrong. 

There is another one of note that I use on my R7000. It is based on Merlin's Asus firmware. Runs the best of any in my opinion.  Goes by XWRT and is done by XVortex taking the RMerlin source and modifying it to run on the R7000, hardware is almost the same as the Asus ac68u.  Here is link to site with more info including download info. Has a great interface.