"nvram export --set" gives no output

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"nvram export --set" gives no output

Hi all,

I'm reviewing upgrade procedure for Tomato-by-Shibby. Google pointed me first to this post


which had instructions:

Why don't you run nvram export --set via Tools > Command on the routers GUI?

That'll display all the settings of your router and copy your bulky
configuring sections to a plain text file ready to import back into Tools > Command on the new firmware.


My question:

when I run nvram export --set, I don't see any output.

the 'nvram' command by itself shows a 'show' sub-command

Version info

I'm running Tomato-by-shibby

1.28.0000 -137 K26ARM USB AIO-128K


What am i missing?

Does 'show' replace 'export'?

What about the '--set' option?


thanks in advance!