Open firmware basic questions

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Open firmware basic questions

I am considering buying a Netgear R7500 or R8000 to run OpenWRT.

I have some experience with DD-WRT but not OpenWRT. How similar are they? I would be happy to stick with DD-WRT but I do not see either of the routers I mentioned in their routre database.

If I install one of these open firmwares on my new, fancy router, what happens to all the fancy features I just paid for? Obviously some things are direct results of the firmware, but I mean things like "beamforming". Is this something the hardware knows how to do regardless of the OS?

What about the processors? Both the X4 and X6 claim to have dual-core processors + "offload processors". If I switch to open firmware will it benefit from all these processors, or will all that expensive hardware be sitting idle as soon as I replace Netgear's firmware?