Open firmware on WGR614 v7

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Open firmware on WGR614 v7

I have the WGR614 v7 router and like to try some open firmware on it.
Don’t  need to buy the L version only to realize that something is impossible or don’t satisfy my needs.
So, if u guys can help me identify parts under the hood and give some advice, I’ll be thankful.

Important for me is:
1) amount of Flash and SDRAM memory in this model.
2) Is there some control mechanism when I flash the image from the NETGEAR web GUI? Checking the amount of available flash memory and size of the flashed image, before flashing. Or it only start’s to write data to the flash until the end of the addressing space?

Inside the “whitebox” I found:
ATHEROS AR2317-AC1A T721602.1B 0737
- on-chip system 32 bit CPU, integrated WLAN radio with extended range technology
More details here:
Infineon ADM6996FC AD0730 HA 1Z7 19002X05
- it should be the ethernet switch
MX X073524 25L 1605AMC-15G 2W233900
- this is the Flash chip from Macronix, but I’m not sure whether it is 2MB or 4MB chip.
SI IC42S16400-7TG A1674600W 2725
-SDRAM, don’t know the capacity
Datasheet here:$FILE/42s16400(RevE).pdf


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But Clovek is asking for the WGR614v7 model, not the WGR614v8 (WGR614L) you are telling us about..


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WGR614v7 has a 180 MHz

WGR614v7 has a 180 MHz processor, 4MB flash and 16MB RAM. I'm sure.
And it follow the same (or almost same) chip family with the other open router WGT624 v4.

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Thank you both for your time

Thank you both for your time and help.

Silvo K.

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Dude email me at admin

Dude email me at [email protected] and ill telly ou anything you need to know about the 10$ bridge/repeater wireless and ethernet repeater it does all that yo ujust need to know how to use Telnet in this case i do and can help if you have another v7 or a version 9 ill tell you that you will want onl the version 7 the rest a garbage with busybox and there wifi cards suck broadcom is not as powerfull as atheroes plz contact me at [email protected] and ill help you get all the info on this router and how to use its built in functions

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This vesrion WGR614 v7 sucks.

This vesrion WGR614 v7 sucks. Same routers just different version and complitley different hardware and OS. Is is dissconnecting all the time and I am seeng versions in 2006 whit bugfixes for ppoe - come on!

Folks at netgear should be ashamed.

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Try DD-wrt firmware that's

Try DD-wrt firmware that's better
router reviews

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@chrome009: Correct me if I'm

@chrome009: Correct me if I'm wrong, but this router - WGR614 v7, that we are speaking about here - is not supported by DD-WRT firmware.

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hi silvestre,

hi silvestre,
You can have a look at the following link :

It specifies all the Netgear routers supported by DD-WRT and WGR614v7 dz not find any mention in this list .....
DD-WRT dz not support WGR614v7 ....
Also v7 runs on VXworks while DD-WRT uses linux ....

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Brandon C
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I wouldn't try. Similar is

I wouldn't try. Similar is not the same.
I haven't seen anyone yet be able to flash a V7 with DD-WRT.
The WGR614 is a pretty good router for the price. I have 2 of them that I use daily, for basic purposes, but you may want to think about upgrading if you want more options.