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Open Source for R6400

I've had a Linksys WRT54 router since 2005-2006, and most of those years it had dd-wrt.

Yesterday it stoped working (after 10 years.  go figure), so I bought an Netgear R6400 (good price, good reviews).  I still have a refurbished WRT54 that I use as a repeater, also with dd-wrt.

Since I'm a fan of Open Source software and dd-wrt, my first instinct is to just replace its OS to dd-wrt.

I would just like to know a few things before taking the dive:

  1. Benefits
    What benefits would I get from switching an R6400 to dd-wrt?
    Any drawbacks?  Would I loose some functionality?
    I love Open Source, but do not mind using propietary (closed) software, if it works better.
  2. Alternatives
    Is dd-wrt the best option for R6400, or should I consider the other distributions (Tomato, OpenWRT, etc.)
  3. Warranty
    How would it affect the warranty?
    I put dd-wrt on my WRT54 some years after buying it, so it was no issue for me.  But I bought the R6400 yesterday.


Thank you for any help.

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Are you on a VPN?  Because

Are you on a VPN?  Because you likely "have a life" as the saying goes...just use dd-wrt. I am wasting a bunch of time over here dealing with this: I put Shibby's Tomato on my Netgear R6400 AC1750 and it cannot work with my VPN (Vypr). I like and need the VPN far more than the Tomato. The router works great, performs wonderfully,zero probs -- would recommend it, and this And Tomato really is great, it installed with no issues, it's "pre-tweaked" by Shibby (very impt) -- it's perfect except, according to Support at my vpn,  it can't do "multiWAN/my vpn"  therefore I cannot put the router itself onto the VPN, which is what I need.   Something to do with multiWAN -- I am not tech-y enough to truly understand the problem, but I do understand that I need DD-WRT instead of Tomato, and definitely instead of the original SW (security reasons). Pretty sure it will void the warranty to change the SW (on any product, likely).  I had saved this in my bookmarks: