OpenVPN on second router

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OpenVPN on second router

Hi first time poster here.

I successfully installed Kong's latest build (DD-WRT v3.0-r31980M kongac (05/11/17)) on my R6250.  I'm trying to install OpenVPN on this router.  However this router is on a subnet.  The router gets IP from a lan port from the router that is connected to the internet.  All the videos, how-to's etc relate to setting up DD-WRT when the installation is on a router that's connected to the internet.


Can anyone suggest a procedure where this is achieved?  In Setup->Basic Setup->Network Setup->Router IP.  The IP I selected was so to not conflict with the router connected to the internet (

In Status->OpenVPN->State, I see: Server: CONNECTED SUCCESS.  Local address is set to what I applied in the Additional Config box.  Remote Address is blank  Status is:  VPN Server Stats: nclients=0, bytesin=0, bytesout=0.


I'm thinking I'm not quite there yet or not at all.


Appreciate some help in this area.


Thanks in advance,


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i am aryan and i am posting first time.

my friend have been using openVPN a lot and using free wifi to download many stuff.

i think it is very private yet good means for people who have knowledge of how to use things for our own benefits.



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