OpenVPN, VyprVPN, - dd-wrt Kong or Shibby (R8000)

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OpenVPN, VyprVPN, - dd-wrt Kong or Shibby (R8000)

I flashed my R8000 to DD-WRT Kong, using VyprVPN and took awhile but finally got the OpenVPN configurations error free and R8000 connected to VyprVPN.  I must have hosed something because I was not able to access thte internet on any network devices EXCEPT the laptop configured with desktop VyprVPN app.   In reviewing the configuration, i noticed I had mistakenly deleted the DNS address, assuming this is why i could get to NAS devices on my home network, but not to internet.  Is that correct?  I want to make sure before making change.  I disabled the OpenVPN in DD-DRT and all is working for now. 

Also, my wife and I work remote and use Pulse Secure VPN to get to company networks, I assumed somewhere in DD-WRT i could do VPN passthrough for our work laptops to avoid issues.   The VyprVPN support guy said I would have to switch to Tomato by Shibby because their app had the ability to do this via  MAC addresses.   Is that correct?

Also, my internet speed is way slower via VPN any reason for that?  Do I have something configured wrong?

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The Vyper support is a jerk.

The Vyper support is a jerk. That said I’ve heard Shibby is eady for most people.  Never tried it. As fir VPN, it all depends on hiw you set things up as their is more than one way. I have no issues connecting to other VPN’s through DD-WRT OpenVPN setying with any of 5 providers I test annually. I don’t use or have support calls from anyone using what you are though. Your internet speed will take a hit fir the compression/decompression of the VPN and alot depends on your router and its chip. 

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I hope this is relevant to

I hope this is relevant to your situation, as I am a little rushed but want to help: You will see this in the Support section, it's what I read there and what they emailed me when I had Big Questions:    For the **Vypr router app** to function with VyprVPN you must use Tomato 132, not 138--  I use this one on AsusRT-AC68U after finding out I can't use it on my Netgear (sorry but that's how-it-is)....\tomato-RT-AC68U-ARM--132-AIO-64K


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AND :  Read this thread for

AND :  Read this thread for Shibby's valuble how-to: "R7000 bricked? Flashed DD-WRT to Tomato - cannot login: user/pw denied"