performance issues with r7000 - 23720

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Mark Harris
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performance issues with r7000 - 23720


I bought a R7000 last week, and immediately installed 23720, and its fantastic ... unbelievabley better than the OEM firmware (Ive never liked the netgear firmware)

However, Im experiencing a few issues:

- wifi disconnections

- dns lookup failures

- intermittent poor performance (wifi and ethernet)


my setup is a bit 'unusual',  i have the R7000 connected to an apple timemachine which connects to satellite modem.... each is on a different subnet, and views the parent as a WAN interface (so that I can measure WAN traffic on the R7000)

it generally all work ok, except for these ocassional issues. I think the conn_count looks high (~200) , compared with established connections (~30).. im assuming this is just connections in time_wait... and doesnt seem 'excessive'. apart from that a quick look through status etc and everything looks ok... yet the upstream router is also reporting no issues, and the satellite modem also looks fine (both of these I had been using for > 1 year with no issues)

wireless strengh looks fine.
btw, does TX power auto increase... or is it 'safe' to increase the tx power from its 71mw, help seems to imply to leave it be... but id like a bit of increased range, id assume recommended txpower would be different for different routers? no?

Im reasonably familar with Linux and routers, but Im totally new to dd-wrt, is there somewhere I can start finding out about the basics for troubleshooting issues?
As its clear at the moment, that i don't have enough information to see what is causing the problem... 

(also is it better than I steer towards command line interface, or does the web have everything? ... im a developer so not afraid of the command line :) )

thanks for any help/pointers