Pia vpn which router is best

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Pia vpn which router is best

Ok let me ask i'm not sure if this the correct section for my post but anyways.

 First i am planning on purchasing a netgear router with the purpose of using it as vpn/pia  Netflix,  Cable cutter  media streaming box  plus 2 other pc's and a tablet.  All on the same router now my question is how well would all this work through the vpn/router


Of the routers i see on here  r6300v2 r6400 R6700 R7000  i really don't want to spend alot but if spending a little more actually increases performance then i will but what i'm looking for is performance/reliability  


I don't necessarily have the fastest connection either i'm on a 30/5   i won't be streaming any 4k but multiple devices @ 720/1080p.  I'm looking mainly at the r6400 R6700  as the router i like how it sits flat 

As for dd-wrt i have never used it before i'm a complete noob when it comes to dd-wrt how easy is it to flash dd-wrt  there are a few guides but alot are specifically for the reversion of dd-wrt that it was written for.  Thanks for reading and any advice will be gladly appreciated.