Please help !

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Please help !

I had 2 WNR3500L configured as "base station" and "repeater" with stock FW. It performed well. About 6MB/s in Wifi transfers. But I wanted more and did a upgrade to OpenWRT FW.

So far so good. I started to configure the units - the repeater did OK. But the Base station did occur with a time-out during the config and after that I have not been able to reach it at all.

I have tried to following:

* Netgear router recovery app - it says that the router seems fine and don't apply the stock FW.

* The "hard 30-30-30 reset" it don't do it for me. Still can't reach the router

* Telnet - says it can't connect to port 23

*tftp to set the FW as stock. It claims a timeout and the host is unreachable.

When I try to ping during bootup I get either one or two replys - therefore I think the router is "there somehow".

With a wireless adapter it shows as "hostapd" with WPA2-PSK (I have no clue what the PSK is ?) I have not set it. I only used MACs as security in the previously setup and SSID off.

Is it possible to recover this ? of course I could RMA to the webshop over here - but if I can recover it myself I would prefer that obviously.


And feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks.