Problem with build r23350 Netgear R7000

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Problem with build r23350 Netgear R7000

Problem with build r23350 Netgear R7000

Router is rebooting.

I made a change to my network and the router started rebooting

I am running 2 Vlans with no problems with the router or the builds until now.

My first vlan always has something connected to it via Lan or Wlan therefore internet traffic is constant no matter how small.

I disconnected all equipment for maintenance form second Vlan and the router started to reboot on its own at random times.

I checked the keep alive tab, all I had setup was 1 reboot at 4AM.

It took me 2 days to realize the problem, to fix it I just reconnected only 1 device on the second vlan and no more rebooting

Not sure if this is a glitch, it seems as if the router detects no traffic on the second vlan it reboots.     

I tried upgrading to the r23550-R01 and got the same problem