Problem with DHCP

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Problem with DHCP

Last night my WNR3500L suddenly lost the internet connection for the first time in the three month I have had it.

And now it turns out that it is having difficulty obtaining an IP address using DHCP, but when I try to connect my computer directly without the router there is no problem with DHCP and the connection works, so I figure it must be something with the router.

I have tried to upgrade the firmware and later to install DD-WRT, but the result is the same. It take forever to get an IP address, and when it does is it the something like instead of when I connect the computer directly.

We have a shared broadband connection in my building with a large switch in the basement, so I only have a ethernet plug in the wall, no modem or anything.

Could there be a problem with the routers DHCP? Everything else seems to work.

Any ideas about how to Troubleshoot this further are much welcome.

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Do 30-30-30 hard reset on

Do 30-30-30 hard reset on your board which will reset your board in factory default setting.