problem with range....

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problem with range....

i have netgear 3500l and i have one huge problem

when i go to my other room my signal is only 1 bar :(

i tried to change mw to 200 but still same signal :(

i use b/g because i use my iphone and samsung pixon for wifi on my other room to check my emails etc.

any ideas how i can improve my signal my router pass between 2 walls and my bathroom i live in flat with beton+metal walls :(

i wait for your suggestions......

may be i must make some kind of antena or something ?

 I also have tp-link router.Which i dont use at the moment because i replace it with netgear 3500l but with tp-link i have same signal.

Brandon C
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Are you running the factory

Are you running the factory Netgear firmware or something else?

There are various different options for wireless depending on what firmware you are running.

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i run

i run
can u help pls
my house mate 1 door near me have router with -85dbm signal strenght, my router right now is in 1mw and my signal streng is -52dbm ,why is so low :(?
when i put my router at 220mw i have -35dbm is that good or not?
Which is the best signal streng that i can use for long distance ?
-35dbm or -52dbm?