Programmer's Corner for WGR614L Open Source Firmware

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Peter Redmer
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Programmer's Corner for WGR614L Open Source Firmware

As this community has grown and flourished, we have seen a need to give expert programmers their own special place to discuss open source firmware for the WGR614L.

Introducing:  The Programmer's Corner at MyOpenRouter.  A specific forum dedicated solely to the uber-geeks, super coders, and both professional and hobbyist programmers alike.

This will be your specific place to post detailed discussions on anything from detailed custom code, to a development in progress, or brainstorming an exciting new idea.  You'll notice that we have dedicated forums for programmers who work with OpenWRT, DD-WRT, and Tomato.

To keep the Programmer's Corner dedicated to its true purpose, please post any general questions about the WGR614L or open source firmware in the "Open Source Firmware" discussion area, which also has areas for general discussion on the various firmwares.

We can't wait to see how the Programmer's Corner will help you have a specific, dedicated place to share your knowledge on open source firmware.  We welcome your feedback, and want MyOpenRouter to continue to flourish as the #1 place for open source router enthusiasts like yourself!