Question about Firmwares for R8000

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Question about Firmwares for R8000

I bought a R8000 last night and it seems like an amazing unit. I was looking at the factory firmware and there isn't an easy way to setup time scheduling for mac addresses. I have kids and like to prevent internet access based on the day of the week/time/device for kid of X age. I had an Asus RT-AC87U and it had this scheduling functionality but after trying to install DDWRT it never worked the same even though its listed as an open source router and now keeps crashing hence the replacement. Does DDWRT firmware allow for time scheduling based on mac address, not IP address for those smart kids out there? I was expecting to see a lot more activity in the forums with thoughts experiences with using DDWRT on this router. Which is the best one firmware version? I work from home so my router working the way I need it to is very important.

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I don't use mine either for

I don't use mine either for it but you should be able to with DD-WRT firmware -

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I am running this build and

I am running this build and don't have any issues in AP mode -DD-WRT "Kong Mod" for NETGEAR R8000 3-6-2016

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I haven't yet used the

I haven't yet used the Restrictions function but from what I can see it links to the WAN port. What this means is that using the web based interface you can only control access if your internet is connected via the WAN port with a modem in Bridge Mode.


Just my two cents :)