Questions on firmware flashing R7000 general.

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Daniel Magnusson
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Questions on firmware flashing R7000 general.

Got some questons.

The 30/30/30 reset is a pain for me since ive got the router on top of a tall bookcase in the livingroom (I imagine it gets the best wireless range this way). Im even afraid I'll push the damn pin too hard and break it (I've done that in the past).

I read on

the 30/30/30 is requied before and after any flash, correct?

Can a telnet 

erase nvram
Be used instead of the 30/30/30 on R7000 (if dd-wrt installed of course)? Before? After?

Should this be done even between "kong" builds?

If i want to go back to Netgear firmware do I need to go from
 "kong" to "stock dd-wrt" and then "Netgear" 
or can I go straight from "kong" to "netgear"?

They say dont flash over wifi ok, my Mac pro is ethernet'ed to the router but there is a switch
in between. Could this matter?
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For a reset just use the

For a reset just use the webif Administration->Factory defaults.
This so called 30/30/30 is not working as expected on any netgear router released in the last few years:-)

To go back to netgear just flash netgear firmware from my build. I implemented this method and this is not always supported for other vendors.

A switch doesn't matter.

Daniel Magnusson
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Alright i like the sound of

Alright i like the sound of this.

So IS a "factory reset" or any other kind of reset required before and after each flash?

Going from Netgear it is still the case we have to go dd-wrt first and then kong?

You agree flashing over wifi bad idea?

Thanks for responding ill be flashing comfortably in the near future :-)

You the man kong!

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I loaded factory defaults in

I loaded factory defaults in the netgear firmware, rebooted, then loaded kong's ddwrt straight from the netgear's firmware upgrade page. Ignore the error stating the firmware is older. Slam dunk. Then I did a factory restore in the firmware. Works like a champ.

You will have never owned a router nearly as bitchin as the one you're about to have.

Good luck. And kong, any chance you can throw some thoughts at my questions from last night? I told you I'd buy you at least one of Germany's finest beers - providing you're game for that. Should I just use the donate button?

And please don't flash over wifi. That's can spell trouble big time. Yeah, it'd probably work but it's not even worth the risk.

Leon in Oz
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Build 23655 is that also

Build 23655 is that also Kongs build or is it somebody elses built?

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Hi Buddy,

Hi Buddy,

I do want to update my R7000 to Mr.Kong's DD-WRT firmware(Firsttime)Please correct me regarding the update.

1) Currently running netgear Factory firmware.Restore to factory defaults and reboot the Router.
2) load the kong's dd-wrt firmware( which one to use ? CHK one ?) initial folder--->...K3.r700.chk ? Dated Feb 7
3) Factory restore again ?
4) Update the firmware to build "r23700" ?
5) Factory defaults again ?

Please advise if above is correct ?


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In case of firmware flashing,

In case of firmware flashing, it is always recommended to do it over wired link.
During upgrading the firmware, first the firmware is transferred from your machine to the router then it is flashed. Loss less transmission of the firmware file is needed for successful firmware upgrade. Thus, use of wired link is encouraged over wireless link for firmware upgrade procedure to avoid loss.

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Hi Naren,

Hi Naren,

Did the steps you used to flash your R7000 work for you?
I plan on flashing my R7000, I have the latest Kong firmware, dd-wrt.K3_R7000.chk.

I read that there is suppoed to be a '.bin' file that you're supposed to use.

Is this correct and if so where did you find it or is it part of the '.chk' file?



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I'm also a little bit confused about how to flash a stock firmware R7000 Router.

The website only gives a .chk file for the latest Firmware of KongMod. Can I simply flash this file over the stock firmware or do I need to do the Initial Firmware way? Like its mentioned on: