R6250 losing 2.4GHz band under Tomato

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R6250 losing 2.4GHz band under Tomato

I posted this in another discussion, then realized it was 3 years old. At the risk of it never being seen, I am creating a current thread, as it appears to still be a problem.

I came across this thread with the same problem in 2018! I have a fully functional R6250 with stock firmware. I needed better (different) parental controls than Genie allowed. Doing some reading, I downloaded the Shibbly May 2018 Tomato software and DD-WRT from late 2017. Looking at the basics, I thought Tomato would be the preferred match up, and proceeded to install. I reset the router to defaults, loaded the initial package, then the AIO package. Looks great. I navigated the screens fairly well, setting various options how I wanted them, etc etc. Everything looked perfect except.... No 2.4 band. According to the software, it was enabled and I thought configured properly. So I reset back to default, erased the nvram, and tested it before changing anything. The 5 ghz was working fine, but no sign of 2.4ghz. I use wifi analyzer on my phone. I plugged in my crappy dlink and both bands sprung to life. After endless prodding and changing, I figured I had somehow borked the 2.4ghz radio. On a whim, I loaded up DD-WRT, and presto magic both bands were back in all their glory. The only issue I have found is the router ports are not identifying as Gigabit ports on my switch. I am not sure if that is a software issue or compatibility issue, but with 90-240 second reboots for every change in the router, I was done for the day.
Any clues what I likely missed with Tomato?